Congressman Heck Says He’s Still Open to Supporting Donald Trump

When asked about ads asking if he would support Trump as the GOP nominee, Congressman Heck tells AP he is “reserving judgment” on Trump



Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, after Nevada Democrats not-so anonymously took over the Las Vegas Review-Journal website to pressure ethically-challenged Congressman Heck to finally give an answer on whether he would support Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination, Heck gave a revealing response.  Congressman Heck said he was “reserving judgment” on who he would support as the Republican nominee.  What does that mean? 


Well, let us translate the politician-speak Congressman Heck has expertly honed in his years in Washington, and tell you what it means to real people: Congressman Heck is still open to supporting Trump. 


“Despite his incessant attacks on women, immigrants, and working families, ethically-challenged Congressman Heck said he is still open to supporting Donald Trump for President,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Only a Washington politician like Congressman Heck would be too chicken to stand up to Donald Trump, much less be open to supporting Trump for President.”