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NSDP Charter, Bylaws, SCC Members and Executive Board

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County Parties and Statewide Chartered Organizations

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Party Leadership

Roberta Lange

Roberta Lange
(702) 737-8683 


1st Vice Chair

Linda Cavazos

2nd Vice Chair
Linda Cavazos
(702) 737-8683 cavazoscounseling@yahoo.com

Jan Churchill

Jan Churchill
(702) 737-8683 janchurch567@aol.com

Marla Turner

Marla Turner
(702) 737-8683 secretary@nvdems.com



State Party Staff

Executive Director - Zach Zaragoza - zzaragoza@nvdems.com

Communications Director - Zach Hudson - zhudson@nvdems.com

Office Manager - Naomi Millisor - nmillisornv@gmail.com 

Assembly Democratic Caucus

Executive Director - Brendan Summers - brendan@nvassemblydems.com  

Senate Democratic Caucus

Executive Director - Michelle White - mwhite@nvsenatedems.com