RGJ: Assemblyman Ira Hansen charged with 4 counts of illegally setting traps

By Nevada Democratic Party

7:22 pm, Jan 29, 2014 | Written by Ray Hagar


Assemblyman Ira Hansen, R- Sparks, has been charged with four misdemeanor counts of unlawfully setting traps near the Buffalo Canyon Road in Churchill County, according to documents filed with the Churchill County District Attorney’s office by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Hansen, who has trapped in Nevada for more than 30 years, called the charges a “vendetta” against him by NDOW officials. Hansen said he has been a “watchdog” on the agency and has testified against the department’s budget increases at the Legislature.

“I did not break any law,” Hansen said. “I am in complete compliance with the law. They are doing this to stir the pot, make me look bad because that takes the heat off of them for the felonies, in my opinion, they have committed.”

Hansen said NDOW has withheld public documents and data from him and denied access to other public information. Hansen said he had filed a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General over the issue.

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