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NSDP Charter, Bylaws, SCC Members and Executive Board

To view the 2009 NSDP Charter and Bylaws, click here.

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To view the list of NSDP Executive Board members, click here.

County Parties

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Party Leadership 

Sam Lieberman
Sam Lieberman
(702) 286-0739

Daela Gibson

1st Vice Chairperson
Daela Gibson
(702) 737-8683

Jack Mallory

2nd Vice Chairperson
Jack Mallory
(702) 737-8683

Jan Churchill

Jan Churchill
(702) 595-8608

 Yvette Williams

Yvette Williams
(702) 596-2559


State Party Staff

Executive Director - Travis Brock -

General Election Strategist - Justin Gilbert -

Communications Director - Phoebe Sweet -

Research Director - Paul Smith -

Field Director - Brian DiMarzio -

Political Director - Harriet Trudell -

Operations and Compliance Director - Zach Zaragoza -

Office Manager - Naomi Millisor -


Assembly Democratic Caucus

Executive Director - Lindsey Jydstrup -

Assistant Executive Director - Cianti Stewart-Reid -


Senate Democratic Caucus

Political Director - Alisa Nave -

Field Coordinator/Research Director - Michelle White -